Education 2020
29th to 31st January 2014 | Hall 6, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Timings: Wednesday, 29th: 10am - 6pm     Thursday, 30th: 10am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm     Friday, 31st: 3pm - 9pm

TOFE - A formula for success

As employability criteria fast evolve and skill shortages remain at large, the rise of Technical, Occupational and Further Education (TOFE) becomes all the more relevant in building human capital within UAE's job market today.

EducationThe persistent necessity for skilled labour and deeper specialization across various industries represent the push factors for TOFE, which in turn addresses the proficiency gap and prepares professionals for real-life job challenges. Today's economies demand people to acquire skills and undergo refresher trainings in a series of lifelong learning, so as to breed the cadre of professionals needed to build tomorrow's nations.

More than 100 institutions offering no less than 500 academic, vocational and training programmes will be represented at TOFE.

As the UAE flows towards a knowledge-based economy, technical and occupational education is increasingly being regarded by industry stalwarts as the new age of education complementing conventional education. Future job roles will require people to possess intensively specialized and practically functional industry experience, above and beyond that provided by the commonplace higher education programs.

To this effect, colleges focusing on technical and occupational education offer specialized graduate programs often carrying foreign affiliations. Recognizing the importance of technical and occupational education, some government departments have engaged providers to impart training to their employees geared towards enhancing service standards and technical skills. Some vocational training institutions have branched out to provide compulsory work placement services, and even further, career counselling, interpersonal communication and presentation skills, much to the benefit of students.


An exhaustive number of vocational programs will be offered by higher education institutions from all over the world at TOFE. Universities from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Malaysia and 30 other countries will be represented at the event.

& Global Citizenship

As shortage of skilled labour in certain specialized fields encourages even highly developed economies such as USA, UK, Australia and Canada to import skilled labour from abroad to fill a prevailing niche, in exchange for long-term benefits, people who are looking to emigrate abroad are turning to technical and occupational training to be eligible in securing permanent residence or dual nationality. This trend is driving up the recruitment of students into Technical and Occupational Courses among the expatriate communities living in the Middle East.